Thursday, October 16, 2014

La Puerta a La Alhambra y Nerja

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La Puerta a la Alhambra y Nerja

Otra vista entre mi puerta española! Voy a contarles mis primeras líneas en español! Translators
ready! Empecé mis clases miércoles, soy en el nivel 6 que es intermédiate/avanzada! Tengo cinco clases la
gramática, negocios, la economía de España y Latinoamérica, producción oral e escrita, y la diversidad de la lengua española. Todos me parecen muy interesantes.

Now that we got the hard part out of the way, back to English! This first week was very exciting.
 I began classes as you guys hopefully figured out, and we also took some awesome trips! We visited La Alhambra and Nerja. I cannot begin to explain the beauty of Al Alhambra. Los Jardines Generalife, la ciudad a dentro, los mosaicos, las vistas del Albaicín everything is simply breathtaking.

Located in Malaga, Nerja is one of the beaches off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea! The small township was so cute with all of its white buildings and little shops. It was mesmerizing, I even found a pretty awesome 'Puerta' pictured below.  La Puerta a Nerja! I loved my time there, but my favorite part was surely the beach.

La playa was very different than beaches in the States.  It consisted of a rock bottom and darker much softer sand. The agua was crystal clear! While at Nerja we had the opportunity to cliff jump, which was amazing. We swam from the beaches to the cuevas where we slowly, but surely climbed up and leaped into the unknown.  After overcoming nerves and the sheer height of the cuevas, I jumped about five times.  Each time was better than the last! From atop the cliffs you could see fish swimming below and could see out as far as the “edge of the sea”. Our awesome tour guide Elly shared with us that on a clear day you can see Africa from the coast! I will return here again in my life, how could I not!

Also while in Nerja we ate paella at the beaches edge! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much paella in my life! They cooked it over a fire pit and literally used a shovel to stir it! It was absolutely delicious! 

 The only thing that got me were the shrimp.Short story for you guys, I absolutely love shrimp but got pretty sick once from a bad shrimp incident and vowed to never eat them again.  Here in Spain, shrimp are a staple of the customary dishes. I knew I was in for it when I had shrimp as a side with my first meal on my vuelo from Madrid to Granada. So hopefully somehow along this journey I will overcome my distaste for shrimp and learn to love them again. I gave it a shot at Nerja and ate one but that was it haha my little buddy is pictured below. Maybe my next post will reflect a change of heart.  Until then I am falling in love with all things Spain..quedate bien!

Besos <3

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