Thursday, October 9, 2014

First Week Abroad!!!

Hola Amigos, Familia, Companeros....y Bienvenidos a La Puerta a Espana

Welcome to 'The Door to Spain' an opportunity to see and share my experiences while here. I can’t wait to give everyone back home a glimpse into my daily life for the next three months. Espero que mi blog os da una entrada a la puerta de Espana desde Los Estados Unidos, para que podais ver todo lo increible que esta aqui.  Tambien me encanta las puertas aqui, cada una es diferente. I'll post pictures of my favorite puertas!! Be sure to have 'Translator' ready (lol) as I will be immersing  you into a few Spanish lessons along the way!
Madre Mia....I have so much to share. First things first, one of the biggest surprises I have to share with  all of my Spanish speakers and Immersion friends from home, nunca en mi vida did I ever think I’d be using vosotros..que raro… everything is os os os aís aís aís ad ad ad (lol) I need to brush up on that!
On to more exciting things, my three flights were perfect, a total of about eighteen hours viajando  (traveling). The Jet bueno I think I slept for about twelve hours straight the next day! My Host family is just about the cutest little couple ever Elba y Juan Miguel along with our three pajaritos (little birdies).
My roomie Melissa is from the Sunshine State and is just the sweetest! I had a bit of a culture shock at the lack of my all-time favorite beverages here (soda and juice) tomamos agua con todo (we drink water with EVERYTHING). Anybody that knows me, knows that I NEVER DRINK WATER...EVEEEEEER.  Melissa, being her sweet, thoughtful self bought me my first bottle of orange juice. I tried to savor it for like 3-4 days! The sodas are also different here much sweeter, less burn… I NEED THE BURN (lol) but maybe Spain will make me healthier.
Speaking of health, we walk everywhere Dios mio if I had a pedometer it would be on overload! I walk more daily than you could imagine...kinda like New York some cars, tons of vespas and motos (motorcycles), but mostly walking. Our horario (schedule) is also muy diferente we eat lunch at three and dinner around nine. All of this is based around my favorite part of the day, La Siesta!
La Siesta is the break during the day where most businesses close and families go home have lunch and NAP! Perfect life for me, I’m a big sleeper and have finally found a country that appreciates the nap as much as I do.
It's almost dinner time here, meaning it’s about 3pm in the states! My host Madre Elba esta cocinando y cantando just passing the time in the kitchen, and naturally she’s listening to ‘I’m Every Woman' by Whitney Houston....que chistosa. If only I had the palabras perfectas (perfect words) to describe my first week 7,000 miles away from home. My best attempt would fall short at amazing, inolvidable (unforgettable), and life changing.
Ya amo a España! Todo es perfecto!

Besos <3

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